WhatsApp 3 Go

WhatsApp 3 Go

You can download WhatsApp Go version 3 alongside the official WhatsApp, and you can run a third number. The version has great features that all users want to have, such as hiding the last seen and stopping voice recording. WhatsApp Go is considered one of the modified versions of WhatsApp Plus from the official WhatsApp, but with additional features than the regular WhatsApp.

Application Information:
  • Version v0.23.8L EX
  • Operating System Android
  • Updated 18/09/2023
  • Size 37.9 MB
  • License Free
  • Views 3
  • Installs 4

How to use WhatsApp Go without getting banned?

  1. Download the original WhatsApp application and activate your number on it.
  2. Download the WhatsApp Go app (from the button above) on the same device.
  3. Click “Agree and Continue” and the page will open (Connect as Companion Device).
  4. Take a picture of the code on another phone.
  5. Then open the original WhatsApp application, and from the three dots at the top right, click on (Linked Device), and click on (Link Device).
  6. Scan the code you captured on the other device.
  7. Now the application will open without any problems.

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