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WA3 Abo Sadam

This is the third copy of WhatsApp Abu Saddam, known for developing several copies of the application. This copy works alongside the official WhatsApp, so you don’t need to delete the official WhatsApp before installing it. The copy is characterized by its blue icon color on the outside, but it is green on the inside, and its design is similar to other WhatsApp Plus copies.

Application Information:
  • Version 11.56
  • Operating System Android
  • Updated 09/09/2023
  • Size 50.7 MB
  • License Free
  • Views 20
  • Installs 6

Features of WhatsApp Abu Saddam

  • High protection against banning.
  • Communicate with unsaved numbers.
  • Save photos that appear only once.
  • Enable dark mode.
  • Control app privacy.
  • Free with no ads or donations to the developer.

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