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AG2WhatsApp Pink

AG2WhatsApp is one of the versions of AGWhatsApp, in AG2 WhatsApp Plus you can hide seen and the second tick. AG2WhatsApp Pink is a modified version of the famous messaging application WhatsApp. This version features a pink colored interface, and offers additional features that are not found in the original version, such as wider customization options for the appearance, the ability to hide the connection status, and easily download friends’ statuses, in addition to other features that enhance the user’s privacy and give him greater control over the application.

Application Information:
  • Version 39.10
  • Operating System Android
  • Updated 14/06/2024
  • Size Varies with device
  • License Free
  • Views 5588
  • Installs 2560

Features of AG2WhatsApp

  • Custom Interface : It offers a pink interface with various customization options.
  • Enhanced Privacy : Includes features to hide online status, last seen and message receipt.
  • Media sharing : Allows you to easily upload and share friends’ statuses.
  • Increased Limits : Allows sending larger files compared to the original application.
  • Improved Notifications : Provides additional options for managing notifications and alerts.
  • Greater Control : Gives the user more control over the application settings and various functions.

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