NAWhatsApp is the first copy of nawhatsapp. is an alternative to the official WhatsApp. To Install na1 WhatsApp, you should delete the original app. It comes with blue coloer, from the inside and the outside with blue interfaces. It has extra features not found in the official app such as the ability to save view once media, read deleted messages, customize the fonts, etc.

Application Information:
  • Version 13.30
  • Operating System Android
  • Updated 23/05/2024
  • Size 79.28 MB
  • License Free
  • Views 1124
  • Installs 179

What to do if I got banned?

  • Temporary Ban: If your ban shows a countdown timer, it will be lifted automatically after a few hours or days. No action is needed on your end.
  • Permanent Ban: Regaining access is trickier. Here are your options:
    • Contact Support: Explain your situation to WhatsApp’s technical support team through their support page.
    • New Number: Consider creating a new account with a different phone number.

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