NAWhatsApp is the Fifth copy of nawhatsapp. It works next to the official whatsapp with a different number. It comes with Gold coloer, from the inside and the outside with Gold interfaces. It has extra features not found in the official app such as the ability to save view once media, read deleted messages, customize the fonts, etc.

Application Information:
  • Version 13.30
  • Operating System Android
  • Updated 23/05/2024
  • Size 79.5 MB
  • License Free
  • Views 695
  • Installs 32

Features of 5+NAWhatsApp

  • Schedule messages and activate automatic reply.
  • Options to lock WhatsApp.
  • Download photos that are viewed once.
  • Reshare others’ statuses.
  • Stable copy with no bugs and regularly updated by the developer.
  • Privacy control.

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